It’s your turn to contribute to The Rejection Show , the web’s home for all things rejected! We’re seeking rejected material and/or original stories of failure and rejection and/or rejected video, rejected audio clips, rejected images, rejected drawings, rejected cartoons, rejected jokes, rejected sketches, rejected scripts, rejected essays, rejected ideas, rejected photographs, break up letters, negative e-mails, love letters, rejection-related diary entries, hate mail, negative reviews, negative comments, bloopers, outtakes and so much more.

Dig up that old material that you thought would never again get a chance to see the light of day -whether its something that you are proud of that was overlooked or something that you can’t believe you ever created in the first place and send it our way.  Do you have something you recently submitted that was turned down or a story about a time where you were turned down, failed and rejected?  Send it here!

This website is going to capture the same unique fun variety elements as seen on the live show and in the book and as usual I am very much open to your own ideas of how and what you’d like to submit.  We’re looking for fun, entertaining submissions that deal with the overall theme of rejection and failure.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds!  If your material deals with rejection and failure and or was rejected in some way then it qualifies.  It doesn’t matter how long or how short or if it is a new original story or something someone else turned down, we want to see it!


Jon Friedman
Creator/Producer/Host, The Rejection Show
jon [at] rejectionshow [dot] com