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What is The Rejection Show?
The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected and “turned down” material of professional and amateur writers, comedians, cartoonists, artists, and human beings whom display their creative “failures” live on stage.

“For most people, rejection means a bottle of Jack and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But for one comedic genius, rejection has meant a cult hit show, national recognition, and now –a book deal? Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped & Cancelled author Jon Friedman first gave life to The Rejection Show after he found himself passed over for a job at Comedy Central and, worse, dumped. Since then the invariably hilarious lineup of rejected New Yorker comics, Late Show sketches, and dismissive childhood sweethearts has featured a variety of New York personalities. Check out the failures and the mayhem if you are sucker for bloopers and outtakes, or just revel in others’ disappointments.”

“On the surface, The Rejection Show is a mere demonstration of unsuccessful work by usually successful comedians, writers, filmmakers, and cartoonists. Deep down, though, it provides an interesting look into the thought processes of magazine editors, network executives, and others who wield power.”

” “The Rejection Show” is a series that makes gold from the dross of the city’s cultural industry by offering comedians, writers, and the like the chance to present work that has been passed over by television shows, magazines, and other established outlets. ”

“If The New Yorker has rejected your cartoon, if ‘SNL’ has fired you, if Conan doesn’t think you’re funny enough, host Jon Friedman just might.  The Rejection Show is a pastiche of writers and actors who didn’t make the cut, and its cult audience can’t imagine why.”

“Who knew being shown the door could be so much fun…”

“The Rejection Show has gotten so much mainstream press that we suspect people are purposefully botching the pitches they care most about, and then “settling”
for showing them off here.”

“The highlight is watching the performers vibe off the audience’s laughter, turning what could’ve been a negative into the ultimate live validation.”

“Ever wonder what you’re not seeing? Each month comedians perform pieces that have been rejected by anything from Conan O’Brien to The New Yorker…”

“Novelists, TV writers, stand-up comics, cartoonists, filmmakers, recording artists, dramatists, and poets come together for a friendly but edgy celebration of failure.”

“Rejection hurts.  Luckily, this hurt comes from laughing so hard you pull a muscle. Comic Jon Friedman offers a ‘Summerfest of Rejection’ — TV sketches, movie pitches, and New Yorker cartoons go from the cutting-room floor to Mo Pitkin’s.  Friedman cracks us up all summer by making his previously sporadic show quasi-weekly.”

“In New York, audiences are finding that failure is fun!”

“‘The Rejection Show’ is a refuge for the rebuffed, a haven for the heave-hoed,
a destination for the deep-sixed.”

“A show like this is like the ultimate catharsis, for sure.”

“Like a gang of Farmer Ted’s leading the geeks through the brutal, estranged halls of high school, the Rejection Show features some of NY’s finest rejected writers and performers, in this comedy-centric event.”

“…Not just a brilliant idea, it’s a well executed one.”

“‘What do you get when you display a whole bunch of stuff that didn’t make the cut
at the New Yorker, Conan, and a bevy of other shows and publications?
Evidently, some funny shit.”

“True to it’s maxim, ‘Just because it’s been rejected doesn’t mean it’s not good,’
the show continues to attract an audience that can relate.”

“Rejection can be hilarious — especially when it’s someone else’s. But the Rejection Show is not just your chance to laugh at the misfortune of others. It’s the best of the rest, so to speak; a showcase of comedians turned down by Conan O’Brien, rejected television writers, and cartoonists who find more SASEs in their mailboxes than checks.”

Publishers Weekly review of Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped, and Canceled:
Edited by Jon Friedman.

In this comic anthology of short essays, rejection veteran Friedman (creator of popular New York reading series “The Rejection Show”) brings together a double-handful of writers and comics (David Wain, Michael Ian Black, Neal Pollack, Mandy Stadtmiller, David Rees, Tom McCaffrey, Kristen Schaal) to share rejected work and their thoughts on it. The criterion for entry is an unpublished piece that has been rejected at least once; rejecting parties range from the New Yorker to television’s Saturday Night Live to the perfect boyfriend to the suddenly silent agent. Entries include sketches abandoned by members of TV’s The State to spectacular bachelor party failures to small, triumphant moments of rejection rejection (for one actress, hope makes a comeback at the local Pottery Barn).The overall quality of the work is remarkable; Friedman allows his writers immense latitude in style and substance while keeping his theme front and center. Though a bit New York-centric, the collection has something for everyone, laughs on just about every page, and an ultimately uplifting spirit; if every rejection is an opportunity, then the chance to be a part of this fine, funny collaboration was probably worth it—especially for readers.